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Real return after taxes and fees

Posted: 10 May 2013 12:12
by newguy
I've written an HTML5 app to answer the oft asked question "What is the difference in returns between different asset classes in the available accounts?" There's a finiki topic and I try to show actual numbers for the asset classes (not all of them...yet).

It was written for Chrome but it works in IE10, all modern mobile browsers and Chromium on Linux. It will work in FF but the slider controls won't be supported until version 22. Same with IE9, just the sliders don't work. You can still change the values with the keyboard.
There's more instructions on the web page at the bottom, though I hope it's pretty intuitive.

I think all the math is correct. gsp_ has done beta testing and offered suggestions and many corrections.

The link is

The way offline HTML5 apps work is the page has a setting that tells the browser to keep the program in it's cache. If you want a new version then you have to be connected to the internet and click refresh (sometimes twice). That's mainly so it can be used on a phone (large screen) or a tablet when offline.

Comments, suggestions and questions welcome.