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Quick start guide for v3.2

FWF has been upgraded to the phpBB 3.2 feature release.  There are new features in that we’re excited to share with the FWF user community. This starter guide will introduce some of these features. Clever quotes The most obvious change is a

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Forum reminders and tips

Password strength and security We’d like to take this time to remind everyone about password strength and security. We have recently added functionality that will show users how strong (or weak) their password is as they type it into the

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FWF is now feed friendly

In addition to the RSS feed of this blog, we are happy to announce the availability of a new feature on the Financial Wisdom Forum (FWF). FWF now provides web feeds (also known as syndicated or news feeds) using the forum’s Atom

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Happy 10th birthday FWF

A decade ago, seeing a window of opportunity to help Canadians, the original FWF gang of four, Bylo Selhi, Norbert Schlenker, Shakespeare and yielder were working very hard on building a new financial discussion forum, to be called the Financial

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FWF has a new look

Our discussion forum, Financial Wisdom Forum, has a new responsive design that provides a modern and unified experience across all your devices, including desktops, tablets and smart-phones. Plus more new features. For more details, check out Version 3.1 is alive!

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Quick start guide for v3.1

There are a number of new features in phpBB 3.1 and some redesign of the location of some of the existing features. This starter guide will introduce some of these features and location changes. The most noticeable change you might

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Improving the wiki reader experience

Two additions to the wiki “tool box” are available to improve our readers’ interaction with finiki, the Canadian financial wiki. Have you as a wiki reader been frustrated when printing a page? If so, the wiki now has a tool that

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